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The P&O Marinas Sailing Academy is the future of Dubai’s sailing culture, focused on both revitalising a key aspect of the emirate’s proud seafaring heritage and making it relevant to the modern era.

The Sailing Academy’s goal is to celebrate and promote this crucial part of Dubai’s identity and culture, and introduce people – young and old – to the joys of sailing. Whether you want to enjoy it recreationally or whether you want to compete professionally, the P&O Marinas Sailing Academy can provide you with the training and courses suited exactly to your needs. Thanks to our state-of-art facilities, unmatched infrastructure, and access to large coastlines, it has never been easier to become a sailor.

Mission: Our goal is to honour Dubai’s long and proud history of sailing through our world class facility dedicated to sail training, recreation, and racing.

Vision: The Sailing Academy will provide access to sailing to the whole community, and supporting every sailor to reach their goals.

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Why choose us?

We boast the best facilities, the easiest access to the water, and the finest instructors in the UAE.


The best sailing boats


World class instructors


A safe learning environment


Focused lessons for all learners

Our Management

We have pulled together some of the finest minds from across the UAE, bringing a broad and diverse pool of experience to make the Academy the success it is today.

Saeed Al Marri

Saeed Al Marri is a dynamic and accomplished professional, revered for his exceptional leadership and strategic acumen. His unwavering commitment and innovative approach consistently drive success and inspire those around him.

Sailing Course - Child
Mitchell David Webb

Mitchell David Webb is a visionary and versatile individual, known for his outstanding creativity and unwavering determination. His ability to think outside the box and execute innovative ideas sets him apart, leaving a lasting impact on all his endeavors.

Fahima Falaknaz

Fahima Falaknaz is a talented and dedicated individual, known for her exceptional skills and unwavering passion. She consistently delivers outstanding results and inspires others with her remarkable work ethic.